Who am I ?

My Achievements and Awards



place in Happening Marketing (Marketing competition) in a full creative marketing strategy.


place in Human Resources Case Competition  at Odette business school

Hi! My name is Sarai Castrejon, I am a  21 year old creative who is currently studying her Bachelors of Commerce in marketing at the University of Ottawa.


place in Jeux de Commerce (Business Sales Competition) in Surprise Case

About Me

Adobe Illustrator / Indesign

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Lightroom


Digital /Social Media knowledge

Copy Writing  

Social Media analytics (Hootsuite, bit.ly, etc.)



How did you get into / fall in love with marketing?

I think always had a love for marketing, one memory comes to mind is being always excited to see the commercials in between shows and even then I loved drawing to the point that my parents got me a tablet to draw and develop my skills ‍and the rest is history

How Many languages do you speak?

I speak 3 languages actively, my native language is spanish and growing up in a spanish house meant that the rule was we were only allowed to speak spanish so we didn't lose it .

I learnt english as soon as I started kindergarden and then in the 5th grade I was switched to the extended french program where my schooling was divided into half french and half english. So I spoke french in  morning classes, English in the afternoon and then spanish when i went home, you can say it was quite a headache

What gear and software do you use for your photography ?

I use Canon T5 , T6i most of the time , I also use my Iphone 6s for quick on the go shots. As for software, I use Adobe photoshop to correct imperfections and Lightroom is to correct lighting and more in depth editing .

‍‍What do you do in your spare time beside photography and graphic design?

I love going to various leadership conferences and marketing competitions in where I put my technical knowledge to the test. I also volunteer as international buddy for incoming exchange student at uOttawa. As well I am in several clubs and I'm currently the co-marketing lead for Telfer Case Competition Committee (TCCT).    

More FAQ to come.....

Where can I find your work?

"I have actively worked with non-profits and clubs to build websites and promotional material in both mac and windows environments. Below is my experience and my skills related to graphic design and photography."

Sarai Castrejon

Social Media Intern

Supports UOttawa’s promotion and distribution efforts on the official University social media platforms, including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Snap chat

- Producing original content.

- Re-purpose user-generated content,

- Manages interactions with various public audience, especially students.

- Actively uses measurement tools such as HootSuite.

University of Ottawa

Project Officer, Digital Platforms and Events

- Created web content management, marketing of alumni events, as well as logistics for events in Ottawa and in their 12 key regions.

- Produced (interviews with alumni at events, publications, photos, etc.) and management of content on our social media platforms and website

- Event planning such as logistics and public relations

- An excellent understanding of web technologies and social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter.

-  Produced photos for alumni events and social media campaigns.

-Supported alumni communications (English and French) for multiple platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, etc.)

University of Ottawa Alumni Office

Graphic Designer

- Assisted in the creation and implementation of an overall marketing strategy for the association

- Continuously thinking of creative ways to market all HRA events or initiatives

- Responsible for the creation of HR posts on social media accounts and website

- Designed and created the HRA 2016-2017’s Website

- Creation of promotional and other marketing material • Work in cohesion with other members of the association to maintain consistent yet

Violence against women sector - Family service of peel

Director of Media

-Assisting the VP of Marketing with the creation of marketing materials

-Implementing a consistent marketing strategy

-Work in cohesion with other members of the club to maintain consistent yet effective marketing for the club and report directly to the VP of Marketing

-Maintaining and creation of the club's website.

-Proficiency in Photoshop or with similar software.

Telfer Human Resources Association

Co-Marketing LEad

-Development the marketing plan for delegation recruitment for the several competitions attended by Telfer delegation

-Creation of the new committee logo, sports logo

- Creation promotional material for Committee events

- Coordination and rebranding of social media accounts

-Content creation for  the committee social media account

Telfer Competition Committee

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